Your Australian Property Solutions (YAPS) : Making a difference…

We saw that other so-called ‘buyers advocacy’ firms were not necessarily getting the best property for their clients, but simply chasing a deal. Most come from real estate agency backgrounds, where the DNA is to transact on volumes as quickly as possible, rather than get the best product for a client. I wanted to provide a transparent, objective client-focused service that ONLY does deals on properties that are the best for the client, both now and in terms of future long-term capital growth potential.

Your Australian Property Solutions (YAPS) eliminates the confusion surrounding property purchases. It speeds up the buying process and ensures only the best property for purchasers particular needs is found and purchased. It takes the confusion, guesswork, legwork and time consuming property visits out of the equation.

YAPS is based on a ground-breaking, world-first, technology-based process that assesses and identifies the best quality properties for a client’s unique requirements. It uses a unique formula that objectively assesses all the potential properties available and, combined with our expert analyses, ensures that clients only focus on properties with proven performance and the highest probability of future potential.

The new HOME SCORE App is also available for download through the app stores. Our HOME SCORE app allows clients to draw on our expertise at every inspection they themselves might wish to go to, anywhere in the world.  This first of its kind App guides purchasers through our proven rating system as they input important property features, upload photos and comments. It then provides purchasers with a weighted HOME SCORE so they can easily compare and assess a property’s potential.

We also have very reasonable FIXED fees unlike most competitors who have sliding scales based on the ultimate purchase price of the property. We avoid that conflict of interest.

Getting the YAPS formula refined in order to truly and objectively assess a property’s potential and to be able to quick sort the chaff from the wheat. Also, getting the App designed and functioning on all the major platforms such as Apple and Android.

Beyond that, the second biggest challenge has been marketing the service and being able to clearly differentiate the service from other buyer’s advocacy firms in the market, one that is still underdeveloped relative to some other countries such as the USA for example.

Why we will succeed?

Because we are different, smart and gives more confidence in a property purchase than any other service out there. Underpinning the whole service is transparency or recommendations and transparency of fixed fees, so client is never left in the dark but rather handheld through the process.

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