The YAPS Approach

YAPS APPROACH is a 5-STEP PROCESS used to vigorously assess, analyse and evaluate the selected property for our client, enabling an informed and successful purchasing decision within a stress-free and time-saving environment! Our approach involves evaluating and analysing the property in thorough detail, comparable sales analysis, assessing its investment potential and providing a market estimate selling price for the selected property assuming competitive and open market conditions.




1:  Client’s Needs & Property Goals


Consultation to determine the client’s requirements and property goals.


2:  Search & Find


Search & Find – search and find the most suitable property based on the client’s requirements and property goals.


3:  Evaluate & Assess


Evaluation of selected properties including the use of our Property Rating System.


4: Market Appraisal & Sales Analysis


A market appraisal on client’s selected property using comparable sales and an analysis of past capital growth as a guide to future price growth potential.


5:  Negotiate & Secure


Expert negotiation with the selling agent or owner.  YAPS’ intent here is to save the client significant amounts of money by negotiating the best price and conditions on their purchase, whether private sale, expression of interest, tender or auction within a stress-free and time-saving environment!


The YAPS Approach is fundamental to our success as it keeps us focused because we are following a detailed system.  It is based upon 40 years’ experience within the real estate and property market and it helps us select the right property for you, as well as providing important information so you will make successful purchasing decisions.



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