Be part of a Syndicate: Power of Numbers…

Representing a number of clients, Your Australian Property Solutions (YAPS) can also offer you the opportunity to be part of a buying syndicate. We have developed a successful syndicate strategy whereby we source potential residential or commercial properties and negotiate the purchase on behalf of our group of investors or home buyers. This has multiple benefits for individuals, as you are able to leverage from our client base and reap the benefits enjoyed by developers without the great risk and cost involved with managing your own development. Acting on behalf of our group of clients, YAPS will source properties (e.g. block of apartments or commercial multi-dwelling site), negotiate the purchase, coordinate the subdivisions of title, apply for planning and building permits and manage external and internal renovation works. This means that the process is relatively simple and stress-free for you as a buyer, and you need only pay for your share whilst still enjoying:

  • Greater purchasing power
  • Increased property equity through external and internal building renovations
  • Tax depreciation and tax deduction benefits on the capital cost of renovations
  • Coordination of various partners through one central point. Our referral partners include land surveyors for the subdivision, building designer/architects for planning permits, builders and renovation companies for building permits and internal and external renovations, solicitors, building inspectors, body corporate managers (owner’s corporations) and property managers.


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