What We Do

At Your Australian Property Solutions (YAPS), we have the interests of only one client in mind, you know we are on your side. We are able inspect and view all property listings, provide expert knowledge to you as we have only your interests at heart.


“It is not uncommon for buyers to allow emotions to affect their judgement, stemming from the uncertainty around making costly or regrettable decisions.  What a buyer really needs is someone who’ll support, protect and represent their interests in a professional and independent manner, while at the same time assisting them at every step of the property buying process”, says Zac Newbold.


YAPS continues to help a wide range of clients, including those people who are time-constrained, and simply just too busy with their work, family and other commitments, through to clients that require our guidance and support because they are either up-sizing to a larger home or down-sizing to a smaller home. Of course, helping property investors purchase the right property that will increase their real wealth is also a major part of our charter.  Listening to prospective clients, assessing their individual needs, addressing obstacles, formulating creative and collaborative solutions and negotiating successful outcomes is what we believe we do best, and is why we exist.  And here’s why:

  • Professional Knowledge: YAPS can show you the best property on the market that meets your criteria, guide you through the property selection process, eliminating you from overpaying  and also reducing the likelihood of you losing a property to another buyer.
  • Real Estate Experience: The process of buying a property anywhere in Melbourne can be complicated and very time consuming. YAPS understand the process and have the knowledge to take care of every detail necessary to complete the transaction.
  • Time Factor: YAPS can dedicate more time for your search than you can! Buying an apartment, townhouse or house is probably only one of the many things you need to find time for, particularly if you have a job and a family.
  • Price Advantage: YAPS has access to sales data and means we can quickly and accurately estimate where the likely buying range may fall within. This useful information ensures we can confidently negotiate the best price and conditions for the buyer without delay!  Without a Comparative Market Analysis, the buyer might end up paying too much for a property.
  • Negotiation Skills: YAPS are professional real estate negotiators and save you thousands of dollars.  Also, it’s been proven it’s much  easier, less stressful and will save you time if you have a professional (someone like me) negotiating on your behalf rather than doing it yourself! And, lastly our “motto for negotiation” is to save significant amounts of money for all of our clients by negotiating the best price and conditions on their purchases!
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