Paid Property Advice versus Free Property Advice

Remember that the best property advice you can possibly receive when buying a property is advice that you pay a fee for service for.  Advice that you freely receive from people (i.e. real estate salespeople, property marketers or non-property advisors) you really need to question what that person’s real motivation is…

Free advice is usually deemed as questionable, and can end up costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars in capital losses, over payment of tax or lost opportunities.

Paid property advice is accountable to the client. Whereas, free property advice comes with little or no responsibility or accountability  from the person giving  advice.

Paid property advice is independent and objective. Free property advice is often biased, subjective and self-serving.

Paid property advice will provide you with all of the facts, positive and negative points about the property. Whereas free property advice will often only looks at the good elements as the person giving free advice could potentially have a conflict of interest….

At YOUR AUSTRALIAN PROPERTY SOLUTIONS, we charge a fee for service for independent property advice we provide to our clients and don’t accept any commissions from third parties that directs you to an inappropriate property purchase. We are extremely proud of the fact that we are truly independent, transparent and are always objective…

So if you are wanting ethical and honest property advice contact YOUR AUSTRALIAN PROPERTY SOLUTIONS now and let us help you…


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