Benefits of Owning an Investment Property

  • Your Australian Property Solutions (YAPS) makes YOU money by purchasing properties that have the greatest potential for capital growth!
  • Increased capital growth of the property over the medium to long-term
  • Steady and increasing rental income from tenants
  • Security of ownership and long-term gains
  • A growing asset base for retirement and inheritance benefits for family members
  • Easier to understand than technical share analysis
  • Tangibility of the asset
  • Complete control over asset unlike a share investor
  • Potential to add significant value through either renovation improvements or future development or sub-division
  • High Gearing/ Leverage and the ability to access large assets with minimal cash outlay
  • Lower volatility relative to other investments
  • Fantastic tax benefits such as negative gearing incentives to help reduce your gross taxable personal income
  • Other tax benefits
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