Quick Guide

Quick Guide

This section will provide you with a quick introduction to the different elements of the app. From the text boxes to the next buttons, here is where you will find examples of them and a quick explaination of what they do and how they work.


Buttons are everywhere in the app. They are what allow navigation through the pages and trigger the different features within the app.Each button will have text on it that will give you a general idea of what it's function is

Text Boxes

Text boxes are interactable text fields that allow you to input various information into the system. All text boxes will have some "Hint" text in them letting you know what needs to go into them.


Sliders are how you set each value within the app. Each category has a slider associated with it and moving that slider will change the score of that category between 1 and 10.All sliders start at 5 and will keep that value if you do not change them. This means that if you leave a slider alone, that category will receive a score of 5.

Info Buttons

Info buttons are placed with elements that require a quick explaination. A good example is each slider.Each slider has an info button attatched to it that will give you a detailed description of what that slider represents.

Tab Selectors

Tab selectors are usually a bar with multiple choices on them. These are quick ways to select various options that are pre-set.Which ever item on the tab selector is highlighted blue is the current value.

Date Selector

The date selector appears on the "Property Listing Method" section of the app. It's purpose is to set the date either for the auction of the house (Buy) or the date available for lease (Rent).To access it you simply press the text box containing the date and a dialog will prompt you to select the desired date. You can either select each number and enter the date manually or use the buttons provided.

Summary Page Functions

There are a few functions on the summary page that are accessed by pressing the corresponding button. Emailing a report to a friend, emailing to the property agent and accessing the property location on google maps are all available at the press of a button. Each button is clearly labelled.

Notes Page

The notes page is accessible from most pages in the app. This page allows you to store any personal notes or information that the app does not automatically store.This may include things like noticing some salt damp in the walls or the fact the garden is particularly well maintained.
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