Referral Partners

Your Australian Property Solutions (YAPS) has a number of referral partners across property related fields that can be recommended to you at no extra cost. Having a good referral network is fundamental to any successful business. This means that we can put you in touch with the right people to ensure a successful outcome for you – such as mortgage brokers, financial planners, solicitors, property managers, accountants or building inspectors, etc. Our referral partners are people and businesses we have worked with and achieved great results with. It is important to note, the only incentive we have in referring these partners to you, is to make the process as easy and as successful as possible. In delivering detailed property analysis, and providing expert property advice and negotiation in conjunction with our referral partners, our clients are better equipped to make informed decisions. Our referral partners, acting totally independently from us, play a pivotal role in ensuring a successful outcome for the client.

YAPS also welcomes other professional entities to join our referral partner network so we can work collaboratively together and achieve successful client outcomes.

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