Do any of the following apply to you?

  • Are you time-constrained and just don’t have enough time to spend finding the right property?
  • Are you frustrated at being out-bid at auctions or missing out in private sale negotiations?
  • Are you feeling anxious or overwhelmed by the logistics of the selling & buying process?
  • Are you stressed about making a costly mistake?

 If any of the above applies to you, are you open to us finding and securing the right property for you?

“Buyers can make the emotional decision of whether they like the house or don’t like the house,” says Zac Newbold. “But they may need someone on their side, as their trusted advisor and authority, to help them navigate the buying process, and more importantly, help them make a prudent business decision as well.”

 Your Australian Property Solutions (YAPS) helps a wide range of clients, including time-constrained people that are either up-sizing to a larger home or down-sizing to a smaller home or investing in a property.  Listening to prospective clients, assessing their individual needs, addressing obstacles, formulating creative and collaborative solutions and negotiating successful outcomes is what we believe we do best, and is why we exist.

Our fee-based buyer advocacy services are the most competitive in the industry, less than half the amount charged by others, and start from a low $1,000.

If you want successful outcomes please contact Zac Newbold on 0418 144 644 to arrange your free no obligation chat and let us help you!

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