Fixed Price Fees

Why would you want to pay a buyer’s agent, or buyer’s advocate,  a fee based on a percentage of the purchase price?  Where is the so-called transparency in the buying process? Where is the so-called transparency in the buying process under this arrangement? Sadly, there is no transparency for the buyer in purchasing this way!  The more the client pays for a property, the more the buyer’s advocate gets paid!   As such, we believe it simply cannot be justified why buyer’s agents or buyer’s advocates charge their buying clients a percentage fee based on the purchase price. Where is their incentive to negotiate the lowest possible price for their client? It makes NO financial sense at all and also presents a massive conflict of interest for the buyer’s advocate!  We  can spend the same amount of time negotiating on a  $2,000,000 purchase as we do with a $400,000 purchase. That’s why we only offer a cost effective FIXED PRICE FEE for our buying clients.  Your Australian Property Solutions (YAPS)  has saved significant amounts of money for all of their clients by negotiating the best price and conditions on their purchases,  and we have no built-in incentive for our clients to pay an inflated price in order to obtain a larger percentage-based fee which we would regard as highly unethical.

YAPS offers a wide range of different buying solutions to the real estate consumer. Our FIXED PRICE FEES are the most cost effective, affordable and best value in the industry and start from only $990 incl. GST, depending on the service the client inquires.

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