ATTENTION: Mortgage & Finance Brokers

Are you frustrated with clients who don’t convert their pre-approved loans into drawn down loans?

Sick of getting all the legal and banking approvals, and then have clients taking forever (or never) to find and buy a property?

We can help you convert all your effort into 100% loan draw-downs. We can ensure your clients don’t dither but instead make fast decisions to find, secure and transact the right property for them ASAP.


We are a team with unique new tools that take the confusion and leg-work out of the buying process.

This accelerates the process for your clients and ensures everyone wins: Your client is happy because they get the right property for them; and your loan work is converted to commission sooner; and you can get a 100% conversion rate.

Your Australian Property Solutions (YAPS) has now arrived and it is game changing…

YAPS takes the confusion, guesswork, legwork and time consuming property visits out of the equation for them.  Our system is based on a unique formula that objectively assesses all the potential properties available to your clients and, combined with our expert analyses, ensures they only focus on properties that exactly suit their needs – without having to sift through the multitude of confusing options and trade-offs that property buyers are always faced with.

Our Approach

We offer highly personalised service specific to your client’s needs, based on an objective assessment of their property requirements. We are transparent and would also wish to include you, the mortgage broker in the process if you wish.

Your clients will receive a customised approach that provides:

  • Clear, compelling advice on what properties are best suited to them, both now and in the future – whether they are buying a home, investment or possibly both.

  • Fact-based analysis based on our specialised, patented technology that assesses and evaluates not only what a property is worth today, but what its future potential is.

  • Clear and documented recommendations on what best suits their personal requirements. We do not – and will not – waste their or your time and money with sub-par options.

  • Expert negotiators who can secure that property at the best price, often before it goes to market or auction.


For mortgage brokers, there is NO charge.

YAPS is unique and boutique, but has very reasonable and competitive FIXED fees. Unlike many so-called buyer advocate firms we do not use a sliding scale of fees based on the ultimate purchase price of the property. We believe this presents a conflict of interest and does not ensure the best value properties are recommended or secured.

After our initial, obligation free consultation we will transparently advise clients of our fixed fees. Our fees remain the same regardless of time involved in the search, analysis and recommendation process.

Our Promise

We aim to provide objective, fact-based property buying advice. We will save your clients time, stress and money, and put them in the best position to benefit financially in the future from the purchase they make today.

We will ensure that those who can’t decide, who won’t decide or who are simply confused or time-poor, get an accelerated, fact-based, quality property purchase sooner rather than later. Everyone saves time, and your work in setting up the mortgage is rewarded sooner rather than later

Next Steps

Simply call or email us right away and ask for a confidential, obligation free meeting. We will have an initial discussion, discuss how it works and show how we can accelerate the financial return on your mortgages.

YOUR AUSTRALIAN PROPERTY SOLUTIONS™:  Confident, Discerning Property Buying


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