What We Do

“It is not uncommon for buyers to allow emotions to affect their judgement, stemming from the uncertainty around making costly or regrettable decisions.  What a buyer really needs is someone who’ll support, protect and represent their interests in a professional and independent manner, while at the same time assisting them at every step of the property buying process”, says Zac Newbold.


With our scrutiny, you know exactly what you’re buying.  And in effect that’s your solution as you know what the next step you should take.

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Why Choose Us

  • WE MAKE you money by selecting, negotiating & securing quality properties at the best price and conditions that outperform the rest of the marketplace!
  • WE ALWAYS are passionate and energetic about saving significant amounts of money for our clients by negotiating the best price and conditions on their purchases!
  • WE KNOW 200+ real estate selling agent contacts throughout Melbourne giving you ultimate advantage over other buyers!
  • FINALLY, WE DO NOT accept any listings, so we never have the conflict other real estate firms have when they represent both buyers and sellers!
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Andreas Vecchiet

Senior Corporate & Regulatory
Affairs Professional

“Zac is a passionate real estate professional, very customer focused and keen to get the right deal for his clients. He understands real estate and property negotiations intimately, and has a network that brings options and results. He helped me secure an excellent property recently and his after sales service is outstanding.”

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